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    218 Photos | 28:24

    The Brazilian Switcharoonie

    The Brazilians know how to party. Their carnivals, their beach parties, their clubs are world famous, it's a wonder that they ever get anything done, they like to party so much, and they like to fuck just as hard. And in Brazil, fucking means that anything goes. There are no tops and bottoms, there are no acts that are off the table, they're open with their desires and their wants, and they make it happen. All holes available - but make sure you take your turn. Aysha sucks Liu.Lie sucks Aysha....

      User Rating   4.33

    187 Photos | 26:09

    Entering Miss America

    Rico Suave loves a girl with a big ass and big thighs - they're the ones who have big sexual appetites and who love to take a pounding, and he's excited to get a hold of Miss America Meat's US prime grade, rump cut of meat with enough fat and muscle to be the tastiest ass around. He strips her off her denim shorts, all the while rubbing his palms over her ample cheeks, and then when totally naked dives in to eat that asshole, and get his head firmly between that meaty crack. Miss America gives...

      User Rating   5.00

    200 Photos | 27:06

    "You Lose!"

    That's what Amina Python said to her fuck buddy DTubbz. They're both horny, but Amina wants to top, she's been in the mood all week and when that cock goes up, then someone best be kneeling down or bending over. It's not the first time DTubbz has taken Amina's long snake. She's called Python for a reason and that's the ridiculously long, thick cock that she has, and when she's all the way into his ass, then he can almost taste her cock in the back of his throat. Amina loves sliding into his...

      User Rating   2.25

    247 Photos | 23:33

    Opening Lotus

    I would so love to see Lotus with her natural hair coloring, she's got everything going on - an absolutely beautiful face with great structure, a long, lean cat-walk model body and she's a really great performer and model. I don't hate the pink hair, I just would love to see the alternative. Anyway... what a great combination. It looks like Lotus towers over Adonis, but that's only because of her shoes, she's actually a little shorter than him, but it takes a man like Adonis to get a handle on...

      User Rating   5.00

    242 Photos | 27:14

    Love to Love The Men

    Tiny Tara is unashamed of her likes. It might be en vogue to be pansexual but she knows exactly what she likes and it's a good masculine man. And it's a good cock on that man. She's not a prude, give her 6 men tag teaming her, and it would be her ultimate heaven, but she'll settle for a good fuck, with a guy who loves to top, and that guy today is Piper Mysterio. This is a really good, hot and sexy 'real' sex scene from Omar. There is nothing out of the ordinary, no crazy stuff, it's exactly what...

      User Rating   5.00

    214 Photos | 28:09

    Poking Nubian Barbie

    Piper Mysterio is one of our newer male performers and it would be an understatement to say that he's enjoying his first weeks working with Omar - but there are few girls who are as exciting to him as one of our site favourites, Nubian Barbie, and when they met there was an instant spark. That spark continued throughout the shoot as Nubian posed and teased Piper, making sure he got plenty of looks at her thick ass, before getting his hands on it, so by the time she unzipped his pants, that cock...

      User Rating   5.00

    204 Photos | 23:53

    Jada Dickens Finds Her Prince

    What does every Princess need? Why a Prince of course. Jada Dickens needs someone to take care of her, to pamper her, to draw her a bath, and to bring her dinner... but a maid could do that. She needs a Prince. Someone who comes into the boudoir and demands some attention, who picks her up, kisses her deeply, feeling her ass and pulling her body in tight, and then waits for her to go to her knees and polish the royal knob, when she arises to proclaim 'the royal penis is clean', she's going to bend...

      User Rating   5.00

    250 Photos | 25:51

    Feeling Thicky

    Dlondonn is a proper thick girl. Every part of her is firm meat. The curves on her are just about perfect and for a man who likes a girl who isn't fat but has the bounce, then she's pretty much perfect. Country Boi is just that man. D's figure hugging bottoms go over her boobs and tummy, and when Country slides it down, those magnificent breasts go on show, like a work of art. Naturally big, with the largest areolas I've seen on any girl, they hang like pendulums, swinging and wobbling. Her tummy...

      User Rating   5.00

    190 Photos | 21:19

    Get Yer YaYa's Out

    YaYa Da Doll in her first hardcore. This sexy thick girl who debuted back in August has all the charm of a Southern girl and all the heat that comes with it. She's ready to do some cock sucking and then get her own cock sucked by her man, before a good hard pumping, spreading her magnificent cheeks and letting Quise get deep, enjoying the friction, the penetration and hitting the spots she really needs. He's going to have to work for it today, because she's really into it, and needs him to...

      User Rating   5.00

    243 Photos | 27:48

    They Call Me Baad

    Another stellar scene from one of the prettiest and most popular girls on the site, the divine Baad Girl Ari. She looks every bit the lady you could take to church - sweet and wholesome with that gorgeous smile. But when she gets back home with Country Boi, the facade drops and the naughtiness comes to the front, this is one horny girl, and she wants as much sex as she can get. She's soon attached like a sucker-fish to Country Boi's big cock and loves feeling his heat and hardness over her...

      User Rating   5.00

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