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Hair - Brunette Updates

243 Photos | 27:48

They Call Me Baad

Another stellar scene from one of the prettiest and most popular girls on the site, the divine Baad Girl Ari. She looks every bit the lady you could take to church - sweet and wholesome with that gorgeous smile. But when she gets back home with Country Boi, the facade drops and the naughtiness comes to the front, this is one horny girl, and she wants as much sex as she can get. She's soon attached like a sucker-fish to Country Boi's big cock and loves feeling his heat and hardness over her...

    User Rating   5.00

200 Photos | 25:51

Oiled Up & Ready To Drive

Welcome back to Rose, whose been appearing here since 2018 - and she's ready for another go on the magical Grooby ride. Country Boi is ready to join her on that ride, and he wants to be in the driving seat, so he oils up Rose's magnificent big ass, her cheeks shiny as he glides his hands over, parting her cheeks to see her hole ready and wanting, before sliding his thick meat in her, and sending shudders of pleasure through her body and gasps of satisfaction from her glossy lips. Rose wants...

    User Rating   5.00

156 Photos | 23:24

Diamond Karatz Gets Poked in the Bum

Longtime fan favourite Diamond Karatz returns for some anal antics and oral fixations in this hot hardcore with RJ being the lucky guy, to plunge his thick cock between those thicker lips and get deep, deep into that thickest ass and feel it clench and grip around him as he pistons in and out of Diamond, her cock growing hard with each thrust and her squirms and squeals making him every more excited about getting her to climax before he pumps his seed deep into her belly, both of them collapsing...

    User Rating   5.00

165 Photos | 24:27

The Awesome Diamond Jai

How pretty and how awesome is Diamond Jai looking - in this, her second ever hardcore for us (the first scene was in 2020). She's one of those models we've been privileged to watch develop over the past seven years and she just looks pretty and sexier in each set that KilaKali has delivered. 27 years old, a perfect 5ft 7 with an awesome body and lovely ass - and Ready Red is taking advantage of all those sexy parts of her... until she decided to take advantage of his big cock, which she loves...

    User Rating   5.00

179 Photos | 21:44

Not so... Innocence

I'm not sure she can continue to go by that name. There is very little innocent about that bodacious body with its big boobs, thick thighs and fat ass. Even less innocence about her wet mouth and lips, and deep tight hole. And those eyes look positively guilty. She's back, she's got a slightly new look which works well for her and Country Boi's big cock is ready to light up Innocence both inside and put. This girl just loves to be fucked - and always appears to enjoy doing a shoot!...

    User Rating   5.00

178 Photos | 21:57

Nubian Barbie Gets Piped

It's been a year since we've seen Nubian Barbie with a boy-toy and this site favourite wanted to come and get frisky with Ryan Pipes. Nubian takes charge of Ryan right away, letting him undress her and play with her perfect big breasts. She then sits him back and gives him a blow job that he won't forget, her big wet lips, her warm mouth and her probing tongue making sure she brings him to the peak - but not beyond. Now it is her turn, and she wants that tongue deep in her asshole, wetting...

    User Rating   4.78

178 Photos | 22:12

The Boss and The Boi

Sassy needs some sexing so she calls up on Soldier Boi and tells him to haul his ass over and give her a good seeing to. She's horned and ready when he gets there and goes to sucking his cock, to make sure he's going to be hard and as horned as is. Soldier Boi bends her over and tongues her dark smooth hole deeply, getting it wet, willing and opening before taking the tip of his penis and gently entering her, pushing harder as she thrusts her ass towards him, moaning softly. He rides her. She...

    User Rating   5.00

183 Photos | 21:45

April is Completely Filled

I'm not sure if April knew what to expect when King Konda dropped his pants but she looked happy ... but has his cock grew she let out an audible gasp as she realized her slim frame was going to be filled to the limit and her asshole stretched and pummeled. A hot scene with some really good oral action, and great anal fucking. April loves every inch of King Konda and moans with pleasure as he pistons his cock into her inviting hole, giving them both pleasure until he release a lot of cum into...

    User Rating   4.83

191 Photos | 24:23

Shar'Daysha's First Hardcore!

Sexy Louisiana hottie Shar'Daysha made her debut on Black TGirls a couple of months ago with a couple of hot solo scenes and now the moment has come for her to release her first hardcore scene ever! So who's better to give her some nice ass pounding than Country Boi? Shar'Daysha couldn't wait to feel him deep inside! See Country Boi fucking her nicely until he cums all over her ass!...

    User Rating   4.69

140 Photos | 20:59

Sparkle Fucks Ace!

Sparkle is back looking smoking hot! It's crazy to think that Sparkle has been with us for 17 years! Originally introduced to the world in 2005, Sparkle keeps shining! Today, she's back in a brand new hardcore exclusive and she's about to fuck Ace's tight ass! Watch Sparkle and Ace making love in the latest Black TGirls Hardcore exclusive, brought to you by Omar Wax!

    User Rating   4.50

177 Photos | 24:19

Jayla Dream's First Hardcore!

Jayla Dream is a sexy Atlanta girl with a hot body and a nice ass and today she makes her hardcore debut in a sizzling scene co-starring Adonis Couverture! We can't wait to see this hottie getting her ass fucked by Adonis' big dick! Jayla give him a nice blowjob before she lets him pound her hole while she enjoys every moment of it!

    User Rating   5.00

124 Photos | 15:50

Coco Tops!

Sexy Coco is back on Black TGirls Hardcore in this week's hardcore scene! Joined by Mr. Man, Coco is ready to top and she can't wait to be inside his ass! Following some hot oral fun, Coco fucks Mr. Man until she cums!

    User Rating   3.33

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126 Photos | 22:33

Horny Izzy Rad Gets Fucked!

Looking better than ever, curvy Memphis hottie Izzy Rad is back in a brand new hardcore exclusive and she can't wait to get her juicy ass fucked! Ready Rad is also here and he's about to give Izzy exactly what she wants! Watch Izzy enjoying every moment as Red pounds her tight hole in the latest hardcore update brought to you by KilaKali!

    User Rating   4.71

188 Photos | 22:55

Horny Tiana Gets Her Ass Fucked!

Guess who's back! We haven't seen sexy Tiana Brook in a while, now she returns looking even hotter and ready to get her sexy ass fucked in this week's Black TGirls Hardcore exclusive produced by Omar Wax! What a hottie! We just can't wait to see her in action! Watch her enjoying some really nice ass-pounding in this smashing HC!

    User Rating   4.00

174 Photos | 19:11

Kendria Enjoys A Nice Ass Fucking!

Kendria is back in this week's HC exclusive and she's ready to get her sexy ass fucked! Joined by Justice XXX in this hot scene produced by Omar Wax, Kendria can't wait to feel his big dick in her tight hole! Watch them making love and enjoying it!

    User Rating   4.10

139 Photos | 18:04

Malibu Barbie & Kyng Papi!

Malibu Barbie and Kyng Papi waste no time in getting down and dirty. Malibu was horny and took Kyng's big dick with no problem - they fucked and suck in relays, until they both jacked of and shot their loads! Enjoy this week's Black TGirls Hardcore exclusive produced and directed by Jack Flash!

    User Rating   2.78

172 Photos | 14:20

Sirena Blonde Fucked Hard!

Sexy French hottie Sirena Blonde returns with a brand new hardcore scene and she's ready to get her sexy ass fucked! Joined by Miguel Duque, Sirena can't wait to have a taste of his big dick! She gives him a nice blowjob and then lets him fuck her hard! Enjoy this week's Black TGirls Hardcore exclusive brought to you by Dave Khull!

    User Rating   3.50

146 Photos | 23:45

Ari & Ace Make Love!

Ari is talking on the phone with her girlfriend. Ace wants attention to his cock and also wants her ass! Watch Ace fucking Ari's tight ass as she enjoys every moment of it in this week's hot Black TGirls Hardcore exclusive brought to you by KilaKali!

    User Rating   4.91

194 Photos | 25:24

Nubian Barbie & Adonis Fuck Hard!

Nubian Barbie is back and she's ready to get her sexy ass fucked! For some time now, Nubian Barbie has been one of our favorites and we are always happy to welcome her back! In this week's hardcore exclusive produced by Omar Wax, Barbie is joined by Adonis and she can't wait to have a taste of his big hard dick! Watch Adonis pounding Barbie's tight hole hard in various positions as she enjoys every moment of it!

    User Rating   4.88

179 Photos | 25:08

Kendria Fucked By Soldier Boi!

Sexy Kendria was introduced to the world a year ago on Black TGirls. Finally, this hottie is back with us looking sexy as hell and ready to get her tight ass fucked in her hardcore debut! Joined by Soldier Boi, Kendria can't wait to start with the action! Excited for her first hardcore ever, Kandria unexpectedly came while fucked and while laying on her stomach, but we still managed to snap some shoots of it. Watch her enjoying some nice ass-pounding in this week's hot hardcore update brought to...

    User Rating   4.60

140 Photos | 25:27

India Baddie Enjoys Hard Fucking!

Nurse Baddie checks on Ace's health as he looks a bit ill. Turns out the nurse is getting hot and bothered and needs her temperature check with Ace's big thermometer in her mouth! Watch them fucking hard in today's exclusive hardcore scene brought to you by KilaKali!

    User Rating   4.45

185 Photos | 24:51

Ms. Royale Monroe Gets Fucked!

Following a few smoking hot scenes released on Black TGirls, sweet and sexy Atlanta hottie Ms. Royale Monroe finally makes her hardcore debut today! We've been waiting to see this cutie getting her juicy ass fucked and finally that moment has come! In today's exclusive hardcore produced by Omar Wax, Royale is joined by Da Don and he's ready to give her what she needs! Watch the fucking and enjoying themselves!

    User Rating   4.33

189 Photos | 17:57

Mya Love Gets Her Ass Pounded!

Gorgeous Mya Love, who made her debut on Black TGirls a few months ago, makes her hardcore debut today! Horny as hell, Mya can't wait to get her sexy ass fucked! She is joined by Scam Likely who is ready to give her exactly what she needs! Watch them fucking and having fun int his hot hardcore scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

    User Rating   4.67

160 Photos | 24:03

Izzy Rad Gets Her Ass Pounded!

A few weeks ago, gorgeous Memphis cutie Izzy Rad made her debut on Black TGirls. Today, she's about to get that sexy ass of hers pounded hard on camera for the first time! In another smashing exclusive hardcore scene produced by KilaKali, Izzy is joined by Mini and they can't wait to start with the action! Watch Mini pounding Izzy's tight ass in her hardcore debut! She loves it!

    User Rating   4.20

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