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Breasts - Average Updates

188 Photos | 25:19

Chole Creamz Needs Her Cream

Chole Creamz is back and I'm digging her look with her hair like that. She's a well put together girl, with nice makeup and nails, and a great 5ft 7 body, with nice curves and great boobs. But she's here for one thing only - she needs to get a good fucking - and some cum! She knows the way to do that, is to give Choppa one hell of a blow job and she settles into a rhythm on his big cock, using all her skills with her lips and tongue to bring him close to orgasm, but then stop and wait before...

    User Rating   5.00

230 Photos | 27:44

Just For Fun

We never know what we're going to get when we put two girls together. Some girls request to work with each other saying they're really hot for it, and then they don't really spark, other time we put two cuties together for the first time and they just turn into electricity and surprise themselves by how deeply they got into each other. This set, I've called it just for fun, because whatever the intention was, it doesn't look like they're really passionate for each other, but just there for a good...

    User Rating   4.50

194 Photos | 16:10

Amiyah Love Nivea

Amiyah Love sent us an email asking if she could do a girl/girl scene as that's what she's really into. And in steps Nivea Nixxx... horny, and looking for some fun. This is a sweet scene, in which both girls get to know each other, and find out what turns the other on. Starting with some mutual teasing and cock sucking, as Nivea loves taking Amiyah's big cock into her mouth and feeling the heat and hardness filling her, before Amiyah can't wait any longer and plunges her cock deep into Nivea's...

    User Rating   5.00

165 Photos | 24:27

The Awesome Diamond Jai

How pretty and how awesome is Diamond Jai looking - in this, her second ever hardcore for us (the first scene was in 2020). She's one of those models we've been privileged to watch develop over the past seven years and she just looks pretty and sexier in each set that KilaKali has delivered. 27 years old, a perfect 5ft 7 with an awesome body and lovely ass - and Ready Red is taking advantage of all those sexy parts of her... until she decided to take advantage of his big cock, which she loves...

    User Rating   5.00

192 Photos | 25:29

Loving Some Amiyah!

Amiyah Love is one hot chick! What a body on her - lean and flat stomach, long legs with nice thighs, big boobs with dark perky nipples and a nice ass that she loves to spread to get fucked. Caramel God is really into her - and as soon as he saw her pretty face, with that 'Come Fuck Me' expression his cock was hard and his mind focused - on only one thing. Some awesome mutual oral here, as they enjoy sucking on each others big cocks, and then Amiyah spreads her legs to allow Caramel to slowly...

    User Rating   5.00

179 Photos | 25:00

A Good, Baad Girl Ari.

This is quite the scene. Baad Girl Ari is a site favourite who we've been featuring since 2019 and she's never looked better. We love a girl who comes with her makeup, hair and nails done so nicely - and then when she's got the sexual energy, and physical presence that Baad Girl Ari has, then we know we've a good scene coming. Soldier Boi is all ready to get Baad Girl warmed up, tonguing that smooth hole and sending waves of excitement though her body, before offering her ass to him, for a deeply...

    User Rating   5.00

155 Photos | 19:06

Shar'Daysha Gets Filled

She made her HC debut back in June on this site, now Shar'Daysha returns at the end of the year with another hardcore exclusive produced by Omar Wax. Her ass is always hungry and eager for some dicking and as usual - she can't wait to get it filled. She's one super horny girl! See her enjoying a nice ass pounding today on BlackTGirlsHardcore!

    User Rating   5.00

177 Photos | 20:31

Lewenskii is Full of Cock

Lewenskii needs filling up. She's running on empty and it's been weeks since she's had enough cock to satisfy her (well, there is rarely enough cock to satisfy her - but at least to keep her ticking over). She doesn't care where that cock starts, in her hands or between her lips, but she knows where it better end up, and that's deep into that hot hole of hers, and pounding her big ass until she quivers. King Konda is going to be the delivery man - and he gets Lewenskii warmed up before plunging...

    User Rating   4.50

183 Photos | 21:45

April is Completely Filled

I'm not sure if April knew what to expect when King Konda dropped his pants but she looked happy ... but has his cock grew she let out an audible gasp as she realized her slim frame was going to be filled to the limit and her asshole stretched and pummeled. A hot scene with some really good oral action, and great anal fucking. April loves every inch of King Konda and moans with pleasure as he pistons his cock into her inviting hole, giving them both pleasure until he release a lot of cum into...

    User Rating   4.83

191 Photos | 24:23

Shar'Daysha's First Hardcore!

Sexy Louisiana hottie Shar'Daysha made her debut on Black TGirls a couple of months ago with a couple of hot solo scenes and now the moment has come for her to release her first hardcore scene ever! So who's better to give her some nice ass pounding than Country Boi? Shar'Daysha couldn't wait to feel him deep inside! See Country Boi fucking her nicely until he cums all over her ass!...

    User Rating   4.71

180 Photos | 18:26

Erika's Hardcore Comeback!

It's been a while since we saw sexy Erika Black in some HC action! Just a few weeks ago she made her solo comeback on Black TGirls and we know you have been waiting to see her getting her sexy ass fucked again! Well, here she is today in a brand new hardcore exclusive produced by Omar Wax! Horny as hell, she can't wait to feel a big cock deep inside her! Watch her enjoying some nice ass pounding from Big Dog in this week's hot HC update!...

    User Rating   4.00

183 Photos | 16:40

Toni Imani's First HC!

Curvy hottie Toni Imani makes her Black TGirls Hardcore debut today and she wants to get that juicy booty of hers fucked! In this week's HC exclusive produced by Omar Wax, Toni is joined by Louis Clark and they can't wait for the action to start! Watch them having some naughty fun together!

    User Rating   4.00

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194 Photos | 25:22

Foxy's Hardcore Debut!

Foxy Sprinklez is a self proclaimed "head huntress" and she is looking for all the meat she can swallow. Adonis is here to oblige her not just taking on one hole, but both! Watch sexy Foxy getting her tight ass fucked by Adonis in her first hardcore scene ever!

    User Rating   4.75

146 Photos | 25:30

Masseuse Jada Fucked!

Jada was about to give Ready Red a massage, but the things got hot quickly! Both horny as hell, they couldn't wait to fuck hard! Watch Jada getting her ass fucked hard in today's smashing HC exclusive brought to you by KilaKali!

    User Rating   4.83

148 Photos | 19:58

Royale Monroe's Hardcore Comeback!

Royale Monroe is back! We've been missing this horny ATL hottie and we've been waiting for her comeback! Today, she's finally here and she's ready to get her sexy ass fucked in this week's Black TGirls Hardcore exclusive! Always horny and ready for action, Royale can't wait to get her tight hole pounded! Watch her as she enjoys Tae's cock in this hot scene!

    User Rating   4.10

181 Photos | 25:26

Salina Tops!

Guess who's back! One of our favorites, the one and only Salina Samone, returns on Black TGirls Hardcore in this week's smashing hardcore exclusive! And she's ready top! Kink Kobra is watching a basketball game. Salina is upset that Kink is not paying attention to her so she pulls out her dick and gives Kink some b-ball action! Salina cums twice she was so pissed off!

    User Rating   4.30

152 Photos | 24:38

Diamond Jai Gets Her Ass Fucked!

It's time for a brand new hardcore exclusive here on Black TGirls Hardcore! Diamond Jai meets Mini Styles in a smashing scene produced by KilaKali! Horny as hell, Diamond can't wait to get her sexy ass fucked! Watch her enjoying as Mini pounds her tight ass!

    User Rating   4.57

179 Photos | 19:01

Horny Ms. Amiya Fucked Hard!

A few months ago sexy Texan cutie Ms. Amiya made her Grooby debut when she was discovered by Omar Wax. Today, this hottie returns with us! This time, to make her hardcore debut! She's horny and definitely ready to get that sexy ass of hers fucked! Watch her enjoying some nice ass-pounding in today's exclusive Black TGirls Hardcore update!

    User Rating   4.14

178 Photos | 20:18

Lauren Denise Fucked Hard!

Gorgeous Black TGirls' starlet Lauren Denise makes her hardcore debut! Ever since we met this cutie last year, we've been waiting to see her getting that sweet ass pounded hard! Finally, in a brand new exclusive hardcore video produced by Omar Wax, we are going to see Lauren in a hot hardcore action with Tony Top! Watch sexy Lauren enjoying some nice ass pounding until Tony shoots his cum all over her juicy ass!

    User Rating   3.71

170 Photos | 22:30

Gemini & Mini Stylez Make Love!

Gemini is on the phone talking to her girlfriend. Mini is horny and wants her attention. Now he has her attention what is he going to do? Giver her a good hard fucking! Enjoy watching Gemini and Mini fucking hard in a brand new exclusive hardcore scene produced by KilaKali!

    User Rating   4.29

150 Photos | 27:15

Lil Bit Enjoys Hard Fucking!

Gorgeous Lil Bit is a sexy masseuse and she's eager to get that tight ass of hers pounded hard! While giving Izz some nice massage, they both got horny quickly and the action starts! After she sucks his dick passionately, Lil Bit let Izz fuck her hard in various positions until he cums all over her boobs! Enjoy this smashing new hardcore scene brought to you by Jack Flash!

    User Rating   4.75

186 Photos | 24:43

Tiara & Soldier Boi Fuck Hard!

We are always excited to have Tiara back with a new hardcore scene! This girl is amazing and she loves getting her tight ass pounded hard! Joined by Soldier Boi in a brand new hardcore scene shot by Omar Wax, Tiara is ready for some serious hardcore action! Watch Soldier Boi fucking her tight hole - Tiara LOVES it!

    User Rating   4.88

178 Photos | 25:26

Bonappetit Gets Her Ass Pounded!

Bonappetit is a sexy Kansas City girl discovered by KilaKali a few months ago. Without a doubt, she is one of the hottest debutantes this year and she was also Black TGirls' "Model of the Month" for July 2018! Today, she finally returns and we are finally about to see this hottie getting her tight ass pounded on camera! Watch gorgeous Bonappetit as she enjoys Mini Stylez fucking her ass in her hardcore debut brought to you by KilaKali!

    User Rating   4.72

185 Photos | 24:13

Genesis & B Flex!

As Genesis twirls around B Flex couldn't help but notice how stunning she looks but mainly how thick her ass looks! Right after they orally please one another he quickly dives deep into soft, warm goodness. Finishes where all good girls deserve it, on her face!

    User Rating   4.40

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