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152 Photos | 19:51

Barbara Rey Gets Her Ass Pounded!

I found Barbara Rey in a nightclub, as soon as I saw her, I knew she would be good for her first hardcore scene because she was very light with all the people she talked to. She was flirting with a boy whose name was Joker. I approached them and proposed to make them a scene. At first they did not want to but I convinced them and they accepted. The scene was very passionate, the two people who knew nothing of each other, they got to fuck in front of the cameras and they enjoyed it very much!

21st Mar 2019

    User Rating   4.00

179 Photos | 22:20

Anna After Dark & Tony Top!

One of our favorites, gorgeous Anna After Dark, returns on Black TGirls Hardcore with a brand new hardcore scene produced by Omar Wax! It's nice to have her back and we can't wait to see her getting her sexy ass pounded hard again! Tony Top is here ready to give this horny cutie what she needs! Watch Anna as she enjoys riding Tony's hard dick and letting him fuck her tight hole hard!

7th Mar 2019

    User Rating   4.00

186 Photos | 24:43

Tiara & Soldier Boi Fuck Hard!

We are always excited to have Tiara back with a new hardcore scene! This girl is amazing and she loves getting her tight ass pounded hard! Joined by Soldier Boi in a brand new hardcore scene shot by Omar Wax, Tiara is ready for some serious hardcore action! Watch Soldier Boi fucking her tight hole - Tiara LOVES it!

21st Feb 2019

    User Rating   5.00

129 Photos | 13:27

Rose & Smash Fuck!

Rose is a sexy Florida girl who made her debut last summer on Black TGirls when she was discovered by Jack Flash. Today, she makes her Grooby comeback, but this time she returns to make her hardcore debut! Watch her sucking Smash Thompson's big dick and letting him fuck her tight hole until they both cum!

7th Feb 2019

    User Rating   4.63

158 Photos | 20:49

Luscious Kimberly Enjoys Hard Fucking!

Introduced to the world by Jack Flash a few months ago, sexy Florida starlet Luscious Kimberly is without a doubt one of the hottest newbies of 2018! She was also Black TGirls' Model of the Month for October! Today, she returns for her hardcore debut! We were waiting to see this cutie getting her ass pounded! Watch her enjoying some nice ass-fucking in this hot hardcore scene, once again brought to you by Jack Flash!

24th Jan 2019

    User Rating   3.63

188 Photos | 25:17

Toni Bee & Tony Top!

Toni Bee is here! Back in June, this gorgeous young girl was introduced to the world by Omar Wax with a couple of smoking hot solo scenes. Today, she finally makes her hardcore debut and we can't wait to see her getting her sexy ass pounded hard! Tony Top is here and he's ready to give her what she needs! Watch these two fucking hard and enjoying themselves!

10th Jan 2019

    User Rating   3.40

178 Photos | 23:02

Skinny But Plenty Fucked Hard!

Your favorite Skinny But Plenty returns on Black TGirls Hardcore today for some hot ass-pounding! We been waiting to see this cutie in some hardcore action again, so here comes Tony Top ready to give her what she eagerly needs! Enjoy watching pretty Skinny getting her sexy ass fucked until she gets a messy cumshot all over it!

27th Dec 2018

    User Rating   4.29

181 Photos | 22:47

Kataleya's Xmas Hardcore!

Christmas is coming so we have something nice for you today! Gorgeous starlet Kataleya makes her hardcore debut today with a smashing new hardcore scene produced by Omar Wax! Kataleya just made her comeback on Black TGirls and we couldn't wait to see this hottie in some hardcore action! Watch horny Kataleya dominating Marq and pounding his ass hard!

13th Dec 2018

    User Rating   4.25

178 Photos | 25:26

Bonappetit Gets Her Ass Pounded!

Bonappetit is a sexy Kansas City girl discovered by KilaKali a few months ago. Without a doubt, she is one of the hottest debutantes this year and she was also Black TGirls' "Model of the Month" for July 2018! Today, she finally returns and we are finally about to see this hottie getting her tight ass pounded on camera! Watch gorgeous Bonappetit as she enjoys Mini Stylez fucking her ass in her hardcore debut brought to you by KilaKali!

29th Nov 2018

    User Rating   4.64

188 Photos | 18:59

Innocence & Tony Top Fuck Hard!

Your favorite Innocence returns once again with a smashing new hardcore scene! In another amazing Omar Wax-produced hardcore video, Innocence is joined by Tony Top and she can't wait to get her tight ass pounded hard by Tony's big dick! Watch her as she enjoys some nice ass fucking in this brand new exclusive Black TGirls Hardcore scene!

15th Nov 2018

    User Rating   3.33

184 Photos | 25:10

Gorgeous Girl & Soldier Boi!

Gorgeous Girl is a super sexy girl with a smoking hot slim body, long legs and an amazing ass! This girl has been one of our favorites ever since she made her debut a year ago! Today, she makes her hardcore debut here on Black TGirls Hardcore and we can't wait to see her in action! Watch her enjoying herself as Soldier Boi pounds her tight hole hard in this smashing hardcore scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

1st Nov 2018

    User Rating   5.00

176 Photos | 25:00

Tiyara & Tony Top!

Gorgeous Tiyara returns! Looking sexy as always, she is ready to get her ass pounded hard by Tony Top in a brand new hardcore scene brought to you by Omar Wax! Tiyara is eager to have Tony's big cock only for herself and he is more than happy to fulfill her wishes!

18th Oct 2018

    User Rating   4.00

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154 Photos | 17:30

Malibu Barbie Gets Fucked!

Malibu Barbie meets first timer Aden and the sparks fly! Aden was a little camera shy to start off but once he got started he pounded Malibu's sexy ass with great gusto. Wow - and then he squirted a bucket load of cum all over her body!

4th Oct 2018

    User Rating   3.50

183 Photos | 24:28

Coco & Tony Top!

Coco is a well known face to all of the Black TGirls' members. Cute, sexy and always horny, this pretty Texan starlet was featured in a few smoking hot solo scenes over the last year or so. Today, the moment has come for this cutie to make her hardcore debut! We can't wait to see sexy Coco getting her tight ass pounded hard! Watch her and Tony Top making love in a smashing new scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

20th Sep 2018

    User Rating   4.00

131 Photos | 16:50

Alyssa Moore & Smash Fuck Hard!

Another amazing exclusive Black TGirls Hardcore update just for you this Thursday! Sexy Alyssa Moore returns with a smashing new hardcore scene brought to you by Jack Flash! Looking gorgeous and eager to get her tight ass pounded hard, Alyssa is joined by Smash and these two are going to give you some amazing ass pounding action!

6th Sep 2018

    User Rating   4.00

189 Photos | 20:25

Diamond Ti'Jahe And Tayden!

Diamond and Tayden get hot for each other in an instant, she went straight for Tayden's cock rubbing up and around her pretty lips with a little stroke from her hand. After a little cock eating to really get both of them going Tayden fucked her tight ass hard and she's enjoying every second of it until a hot shot of cum drips from her mouth!

23rd Aug 2018

    User Rating   5.00

229 Photos | 25:13

Candy Licious & B Flex!

Gorgeous Candy Licious is back with a brand new hardcore scene! Omar teams her up with B Flex and Candy is ready to get that sweet ass of hers pounded hard! After a lot of kissing and making out, Candy starts sucking B Flex' cock to get him rock hard! B Flex then pounds her tight hole hard in various positions and Candy LOVES it!

16th Aug 2018

    User Rating   5.00

144 Photos | 18:34

Kimmy Owns B Flex!

Kimmy is truly one dreamy tgirl hottie and today she is paired with B Flex for a very hot pounding action. Watch Kimmy as she takes her rock hard cock up in his hungry ass fucking it in different positions.

9th Aug 2018

    User Rating   4.14

185 Photos | 24:13

Genesis & B Flex!

As Genesis twirls around B Flex couldn't help but notice how stunning she looks but mainly how thick her ass looks! Right after they orally please one another he quickly dives deep into soft, warm goodness. Finishes where all good girls deserve it, on her face!

2nd Aug 2018

    User Rating   4.25

182 Photos | 22:59

Nubian Barbie Worships Cock And Gets Fucked!

Today Black TGirls Hardcore presents the gorgeous Nubian Barbie and she's taking this cock for a wild anal ride. Watch this one of a kind goddess as she enjoys sucking and fucking that thick piece of meat before taking a mouthful of creamy cum.

26th Jul 2018

    User Rating   4.54

182 Photos | 25:28

Lisa Stays Hard & Mister Fuck!

Get ready for some amazing hardcore brought to you by KilaKali and starring gorgeous Lisa Stays Hard! It's Mister's birthday and Lisa comes in and surprises him with her big birthday cake ass and a huge candle in the front for him to blow out! Mister pounds Lisa's sweet ass hard and she LOVES it!

19th Jul 2018

    User Rating   4.75

179 Photos | 17:21

Kimora Fucks B Flex!

Kimora rocks the show today with her ever curvaceous body and her amazing cock handling skills. She looks hot as hell in black and gray lingerie and stockings. Watch Kimora as she gives B Flex a blowjob and then passionately fucks his ass in different positions before blasting his cum on her face.

12th Jul 2018

    User Rating   3.40

178 Photos | 19:11

Yolanda & B Flex!

Yolanda was eager to experience her first romp with partnered male talent. Well maybe a bit too eager, main man B Flex lays the pipe so deep it frightens her... for the time being! Once in the groove she handles it like a champ!

5th Jul 2018

    User Rating   5.00

147 Photos | 20:02

Sparkle Tops Playboi!

Sparkle is here and she's so excited about getting acquainted with Playboi and he's so ready to get fucked by her. She is the most gorgeous person Playboi has ever saw and that makes him really really horny. Watch Sparkle as she pounds Palyboi like a pro and showers her mouth with a load of tgirl cum.

28th Jun 2018

    User Rating   3.88

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